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At Kokoro, our ethos is centred around wellbeing and treatments in a relaxing, yet professional, environment. We offer a number of specific massage treatments here in Norwich, each one completely tailored to you. So if you want a full body massage, or just want to focus on one specific area, simply let us know.

Kokoro Massage treatments are a Fusion of Eastern and Western techniques. This is why we are excited to say it's unlikely something you have never experienced before.

Massage is not always indulgence. Sometimes it's necessary to ease muscle tension, beat stress and repair injury.


This great treatment uses tension-releasing techniques to repair your body when it feels a little broken. Using pressure and slow hand movements, we are able to release tension in the neck, shoulders, back, low back, arms, legs and feet.

The treatment is tailored to your massage preference. So whether you want to be present and involved in the treatment with a little more pressure, or you prefer a lighter pressure to allow you to relax and sleep while we release those those muscles... the choice is completely yours. You should never feel pain after this massage... just relaxed and released tension.

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Contrary to the name, sports massages are not just for athletes. Whether you are training for a special sporting event, if you have specific strains or you just started working out, this is the massage for you.

A sports massage is great for breaking down muscle tension as well as increasing blood flow to the tissue. We use trigger point therapy, myofascial release and manipulation techniques. Sports stretching is necessary to repair your muscles and help with post-workout recovery.

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No matter what your profession or hobby, most people will experience pain or long standing chronic pain at some point in your life. It may be a work related repetitive strain or muscle tension, but equally from the hobby you most enjoy such as exercise, golf or gardening.

Kokoro believe that you should be able to have a wealth of techniques available to you from your massage therapist and get the most from every massage appointment.

Chronic pains are known as sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain and carpal tunnel to name a few. These injuries actually put stress on the nervous system and pain receptors which can make you anxious or depressed. Massage is usually the 'last resort' for a lot of people, when in actual fact it should be the 'first thought'.

Intermittent pain such as headaches and migraines can really affect your life too. Many people feel there is no hope when suffering with migraines, but regular massage is actually known to alleviate these symptoms and rid them altogether!

Massage breaks down Trigger Points (muscle knots) and Myofascial Adhesions (feels as though you have pulled a muscle). These tension release techniques alleviate pain, allowing your mind and body to relax and most importantly....feel pain free again!

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At Kokoro, we take your body seriously. That is why we have invested in equipment that guarantees results and is medically approved.

The only FDA Approved LED backed by a wealth of awards. Essential for sports pain, aching muscles, skin complaints plus much more.

The Graston Tool allows us to manually apply the right pressure all over the body and is best for releasing fascia and scar tissue. By scrapping the surface of the skin, we can locate and trace pain and injury not visible with the naked eye.

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Just had my first deep tissue massage from Rob. I have been doing sport all my life, from distance running to weight training, and had a lot of sports massages. I can't recommend Rob enough. Best deep tissue I have had. He was professional, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I will be going there regularly now for all my deep tissue massages. As soon as I walked out, I felt a lot less tense all over. Thank you Rob, I will be highly recommending you in the future. Amazing results. Jimmy Hardy

I'm over the moon with my new powder brows. I've wanted to have permanent make up on my eyebrows for over 2 years but never took the plunge. Would I like them? Would I regret it? Would it be painful? I knew after seeing Nyree's work on here and then after my consultation I knew I'd found the right lady for the job. Nyree knew exactly what I wanted and certainly delivered. Why did I wait, that's my only regret! I'm super happy and can't stop looking at them. Karley Manthorpe



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